The International Workshop on Plant Molecular Biology (Notice for Exhibition)

Brief Introduction:
Development of the plant genetics and functional genomics, as well as the establishment of proteomics and metabolomics technology platforms provided a solid basis for systemic research on plant gene regulatory network, protein-protein interactions and the regulatory mechanisms of important physiological processes. Recently, Chinese scientists made tremendous achievements in various fields including rice genome sequencing, comparative genomics, plant development, secondary metabolism, etc. To improve the international communication in this field and to facilitate plant molecular biological research works, we will organize the "International Workshop on Plant Molecular Biology" in Shanghai, China, during Oct. 26th to 29th, 2005.

The workshop will invite celebrities in this field; particularly those who have made great contributions in plant functional genomics and proteomics, to give speech or disquisitions. Their presentations will share information with us on plant signal transduction, disease resistance, stress resistance, development and metabolism regulation from different views including functional genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics.

Time: October 26th to 29th, 2005
Venue: Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS), Yue Yang Road 320, Shanghai, P. R. China
Organizer: Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology (SIPPE); SIBS-UC Berkeley Center for Molecular Life Sciences; SIBS-SJTU-Pen state Joint Center; Chinese Society of Plant Physiology.

Workshop executive committee:
Chairman: Prof. Zhihong Xu (Academician, Beijing University); Prof. Xing-Wang Deng (Yale University).
Members: Prof. Jiayang Li (Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Prof. Qifa Zhang (Academician, Huazhong Agriculture University); Prof. Xiaoya Chen (Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, CAS); Prof. Yongbiao Xue (Institute Genetic and Developmental Biology, CAS); Prof. Kang Zhong (Institute of Botany, CAS); Guoqing Fu (Shanghai Science and Technology Committee); Prof. Nina Fedoroff (The Pennsylvania State University); Prof. Renee Sung (University of California, Berkeley); Zhen-Biao Yang (University of California, Riverside).

Workshop organizing committee:
Chairman: Prof. Hongwei Xue (Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, CAS); Prof. Sheng Luan (University of California, Berkeley); Prof. Hong Ma (The Pennsylvania State University).

Members: Prof. Weicai Yang (Institute Genetic and Developmental Biology, CAS); Prof. Weihua Wu (China Agriculture University); Prof. Tai Wang (Institute of Botany, CAS); Prof. Lijia Qu (Beijing University); Prof. Dabing Zhang (Shanghai Jiaotong University).

Secretary: Weining Sun; Lin Yuan

For Exhibitor:
Donation: Conference organizer will accept the donation from the individual and company. The donor's name will be published on formal propagandistic products such as conference paper and abstract book. Two persons sent by the donor will be free for the registration if the donation is over USD$5000.

Exhibition Booth:
Price: International standard exhibition booth (3MX2M) Price: RMB¥5000; International standard exhibition booth (2MX2M) Price:
One person sent by the exhibitor will be free for the registration but not free for accommodation.

Facilities: Each standard booth is equipped with one Chinese/English lintel board, one table, two chairs, two spotlights and one single-phase electric socket. Please connect with secretariat if the exhibition is extraordinary.

Exhibitor will get 1/4 A4paper size advertisement in the Abstract Book. Content of advertisement includes the brief introduction, function or ingredients of production and contact with company.

Exhibitor has right to put an advertisement for its production in the exhibition area.

Deadline of date: Sep.30, 2005

Abstract Book: If exhibitor wants to add the advertisement in the Abstract Book, price as follows:
Cover 2or Cover 3: RMB¥3000/per page (colorful)
Back cover: RMB¥4000/per page (colorful)
Foldout: RMB¥2000/per page (colorful); RMB¥1500/per page (monochrome); RMB¥1000/per half page (monochrome).

Satellite Symposium (About 45minutes to 60 minutes)

Price: RMB¥10000

Contents: Introducing the production or development in science research field. Symposium organizer can invite scientists or delegates to participate in a discussion. Two advertisements also can be put on the conference room freely.

Book Exhibition
Price: International standard exhibition booth (3MX2M) Price: USD$2000
Contents: Welcome famous publisher in science filed to attend this book exhibition. Conference organizer will arrange the delegates to have a visit in the interval of meeting. One person sent by the exhibitor will be free for the registration but not free for accommodation.

Support for the gift and the congress bag
Price: RMB¥15000 for all
Contents: Supporter can print the thins they want to show on the gift and congress bag, after getting the permission from the Secretariat.

Method for Payment:
Pay all the fees before the Meeting in one time to the ACCOUNT as follows: Customer's Bank in China: Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Branch
Swift: ABOCCNBJ091
Account number: 033924-00801048006
Customer's Address: 320 Yue Yang Road' Shanghai' P. R. CHINA






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